The last weekend of March, BOX DB MADRID moved to Ibiza to accompany our two teams participating in the FITNESS CHALLENGUE LEAGUE, which brings together three competitions: Ibiza, Costa Brava and Costa Dorada.

The arrival was on March 29, as it was the proposed day for breafing by the organization of the competition; so after the work day of some of our coaches, we took the plane to the island. You had to eat well and sleep early to be 100% on Saturday.

La citación del sábado era a las 9, por lo que había que madrugar un poco y desayunar para ir con las pilas recargadas. Uno de nuestros equipos, «TEAM BOX DB MADRID» formado por Isabela, Jorge, Gabbay y Rubén, salía en el hit 1.

Nuestr@s chic@s de «BOX DB MADRID 1», Juanito, Diego Boto, Susana Boto y Lio, salían en el siguiente hit. El primer WOD:

The starting points were maintained throughout the weekend. For WOD2 and WOD3 the guys more or less already knew how it worked, since one of the Level WODs (classification wods) was similar or equal, although with higher weights. The WOD3 consisted only of reaching a RM of CLEAN & JERK. WOD2 AND WOD3:


After a fairly busy and non-stop morning, we all need to put energy into the body, both the guys who competed and the ones who went to cheer them up and spend the weekend with them. With a full stomach and a sun burning, some of us fell asleep in the restaurant, with little desire to continue. But our guys needed to start again and continue to do their best, since the morning was good enough.

At 16, we had to be prepared so that the first team could warm up and be well concentrated, but the change of place of the competition and the transfer to this new place, made us waste a lot of time; So we arrived with just 10 min before starting the WOD4 and the first of our teams couldn't test the material that had to be used. And that happened, although they were able to finish the WOD quite well, the guys began off center and hardly knowing the rules and handling of the material. The second team, with a little more time, was able to heat and test the material, as well as choose the strategy that could best work for them. WOD4 photo:

And at the end of the day, at about 7:00 p.m., we arrived at WOD5, the one we were all waiting for and the one that caused the most nerves and fear, since they had asked to get a swimsuit, glasses and a swimming cap; So, the only option was clear, our guys would get wet. And so it was, a last WOD that, a priori, was too affordable, but it became a great chaos. Some movements, such as the burpees on the partner at the edge of a pool with a slippery floor (they put a carpet but it was soaked within 2 min of starting the competition) or some squats with jump on the partner too, that more than a WOD of A CROSSFIT competition seemed to be taken from a sample of 3rd grade physical education.


Sunday. As of 9.30 we were already all the teams prepared for the last WOD qualifier, the only drawback, the weather did not look good at all. The last WOD of the competition was

Finalmente, los dos equipos de BoxDB pasamos a la gran final. Una final bastante larga, en comparación con los WODs anteriores, y que tenia como secuencia «los números de la serie  LOST»: 4 8 15 16 23 42.

We want to thank all of you who came with us to encourage us, and all those who through social networks were aware of our guys. You are the best!!!