After the hangover of Pride 2019, and having regained the strength and energy to face the suffocating heat of Madrid, we wanted to thank everyone for the fantastic day we spent on June 29 in the Box.
In spite of the amount of people, of nerves, of what it took us to organize ourselves; The illusion, the desire to compete, the best outfit, and of course, that grain of sand when collaborating was not lacking.


You were punctual and that was appreciated. Only the best partner was missing and everything was ready. A first WOD divided into two parts, quite simple and affordable, in which the fastest teams managed to go directly to the final, in which yes or yes, you had to put some spice in the morning; It was clear, not everything was going to be sewing and singing.

He had to organize all the heats and mark the schedules of each departure, as well as the explanation of each of the WODs in the different categories: male SC / RX, female SC / RX and mixed SC / RX.
















After a very fast but intense first WOD, 6 couples from each category went to the final. For this final, we had prepared thrusters and calories in a row.

The podium was completed with couples who came from all the sites, boys and girls of our box, as well as former clients, and guys who came from other boxes and gyms.


The good music of our Dj Javi, our coach Rubén who did not stop giving everything with the microphone and his dances, and of course, the desire to dance and have a good time in each of you, was not lacking.

We want to thank you for the patience you had, for the good energy from an early stage and for enduring the heat. To all those who escaped for a while to come to greet us, to all who followed us through the networks, to those who came as companions; and of course, to each one of you, that day by day you make our box add and be better and better.

We are already preparing a new edition of our Summer Partner, are you going to miss it?